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Hello and thank you for stopping in -

My name is Carol Tedesco and my unique set of offerings are the natural result of innate talents and passions interwoven with intentionally cultivated skills - and enough years of practice to have brought them to a level of recognized expertise. Services for my clients include PR and media relations, photography, and historic shipwreck curation services.


I'm known for having a committed work ethic, a creative and flexible approach, and a "mom & pop" type business sensibility - meaning that I work closely with my clients in order to deliver results that exceed expectations. And, if we have plenty of fun accomplishing that and make some new discoveries along the way, so much the better. I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty (i.e. more sneakers than stiletto's) and am also pretty good at turning on a dime. Anyone interested in reserving my services can reach me at caroltedesco(at)

Carol Tedesco photographing the Key West Fantasy Fest parade
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